MCIM I/II Training!
By Rescue Chief 1 Kimberly Madison
May 21, 2018

Responding to a call with a single patient is an every day occurrence. Even having two patients on scene is not completely uncommon. But what happens when we move into a situation with multiple high acuity patients that exceed the immediate resources that are available? Do you know the proper steps to take control of the scene and who to call for additional resources? Even the most seasoned provider can be overwhelmed when they arrive on-scene to a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). With proper training, a deep breath and knowledge on the local protocols EMS providers can get through any MCI with success!

Training is exactly what this group of future EMT’s and Spotsylvania County Fire and EMS personnel did on May 19th, 2018. They had the opportunity to be the first to utilize the new MCI inflatable “patients” during the MCIM I & II class that was held. After many hours of in-class lecture, these students were dispatched to a location where a rally was being held and someone purposefully drove into this crowd of 20+ attendees. These “patients” had injuries that were indicative of what may be on-scene such as altered mental status, lacerations, internal injuries, broken bones, amputations and even death. The students were to take command, triage the patients, provide care where needed, transport when available and ultimately keep the scene moving. The groups that went through had their good moments and their learning moments but in the end, the patients got to where they needed to be and no one else was injured while “on-scene.” In the end the students walked away having better knowledge of what an MCI is and what to do if they are the ones that are dispatched out to a Mass Casualty Incident. When was your last MCI training? What are the local protocols? Keep an eye out for upcoming trainings and take the time to look over REMS MCI Plan at